Let’s Play 2 is the Early Season Favorite


Mookie Betts and Let’s Play 2 hold the top spot in the season’s first Power Rankings.

A FantasyPros analysis pegs last year’s runners-up, Let’s Play 2, as the early favorite for this year’s championship.

The designation comes on the heels of a successful draft that projects the team will have one of the league’s top offenses and a competitive pitching staff.

The team with the best regular season record in 2017, the JetSetters, is third in the pre-season Power Rankings while Stadium Mustard is second. Led by first baseman Joey Votto, infielder Jose Ramirez, and outfielder George Springer, the JetSetters have the league’s top-ranked offense. Stadium Mustard has the top pitching staff, anchored by starters James Paxton and Alex Wood and reliever Andrew Miller.

Rounding out the top five in the pre-season Power Rankings are Hapamon and the Marin Menehunes. Hapamon is led by three-time league MVP Clayton Kershaw while the Menehunes feature Max Scherzer. Manager Robert Kirkbride led Hapamon to the playoffs last year while the Menehunes, one year after their championship, failed to qualify for the postseason. That led to the ouster of manager Elizabeth Gravely and the hiring of new manager, Calvin Chan.

Home Run 101, Bacon at Mile 11, and Las Estellas Rojas are all projected to be playoff contenders in this year’s first Power Rankings.

FantasyPros Power Rankings

Below are the first projections for hitting and pitching categories. The numbers at the top of each column represent where the Lower Haighters are projected to finish in that category. As always, the team has been lowballed by FantasyPros.

Las Estellas Rojas and the Menehunes are the only teams projected to win three categories. Rojas is the early favorite to lead the league in net stolen bases, ERA, and WHIP while the Menehunes are predicted to lead the league in runs batted in, strikeouts per nine innings and net saves and holds.

The Jetsetters are expected to lead the league in plate appearances and runs scored.

Of course, this is a preliminary look at the league and things will change quickly. How managers respond to injuries and slumps during the course of the season will determine the final Power Rankings of the season. Good luck!

Details by Category


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