Winning at Fantasy Baseball in Just Five Easy Minutes a Day

pexels-photo-270071.jpegYou can win a fantasy baseball championship in just five minutes a day. All you need is a basic understanding of your host site, and a little luck. Alright, you probably need a lot of luck to win the championship, but you can certainly be a playoff contender.

Let’s use the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League Yahoo site as an example. It provides fantasy baseball general managers with enough tools to maintain a competitive team with just a minor investment in time. Here’s how to use those tools to manage your team.

Roster Management

The first step is to know your roster. It starts with the My Team tab on the Yahoo home page. Here, you can view your roster and look at a player’s stats for the last 7, 14, or 30 days or even the entire season or past seasons. You can also look at projected stats, split stats (how a player performs at home, away, at night, during the day, on grass, turf, or vs right-handed or left-handed pitching).

You can view the ranking of your players, their upcoming schedules, the matchup ratings, what percentage of Yahoo owners are starting the same players as you, where they are on their MLB team’s depth chart, and if other owners are adding or dropping those players from their rosters.

Under the Research Tab, you can find the Lineup Analysis tool which gives you performance ratings for all of your players at each position and breaks down each player’s historical performance.

These are valuable tools that help you “self-scout” your own team and understand how other owners around Yahoo are managing the same players you have on your fantasy roster.

Scouting Department

As general manager of your fantasy team, you are also in charge of your scouting department. Hey, it’s a big job, but somebody has to do it. Luckily, you have plenty of tools within your scouting department.

It starts with the Who’s Hot tab under Research. This tool helps you keep track of the hottest players in the league each week of the season. The rankings are updated based on the scoring categories used in our league.

You can also view a player’s pre-season ranking, current ranking, notes from the past 24 hours, video highlights, if a player is starting for his major league team and where he is hitting in the batting order. You an also add players to a watch list, propose a trade, or add a free agent to your roster.

If you have an injured or underperforming player, this should be your first stop to find a replacement.

Player Transactions

The best fantasy general managers aren’t afraid to make changes to their rosters. Don’t become attached to your late-round draft choices and bench players. The Research Tab on the Yahoo home page has some excellent tools to inform you how other managers are handling the same players you have on your roster.

Transaction Trends shows which players have been added and dropped the most across all Yahoo leagues. You can look at available players, all players, or focus just on your players. You can also review this information by position. If you need a new relief pitcher, simply click on the RP button to see which relievers have been added the most.

If you are in the market to make a trade, add players to the Trading Block. This shows other owners in the league which players, positions, or stats are available in a trade from your team and which positions and stats you want in return. It’s a great way to start the trade conversation with other owners.

Before you make a trade, you can review a player’s Trade Market under the Research tab. Type in the name of the player you are trading or would like to trade for and you can  see trades across Yahoo involving that player. It helps you get the best value, whether it’s a straight one-for-one trade or a multi-player deal. Remember, once you add a player to the trade market you’ll immediately receive a collect call from High Cheese General Manager Matt Patchell.

Limited Time Commitment

As you can see, it doesn’t take much time to keep your fantasy baseball team competitive. If you spend five minutes a day reviewing your roster, scouting free agents, and reviewing trends around fantasy baseball, you’ll have a better understanding of what personnel moves you need to create a playoff-caliber team.

The reward for that small investment in time is a more enjoyable experience and the ability to avoid the Wooden Spoon.


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