Ziguana: One Last Set of Projections

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After this week, season projections will be meaningless. Weekly projections – and your opponent – are all that matter.

Ziguana.com is another fantasy baseball site that allows you to project your league standings based on league-specific settings and their player statistical projections. I’ve run our league through Ziguana and through a “special blend” of projections supplied by Mr. Cheatsheet and run through Baseball Monster.

The team to beat, according to Ziguana’s statistics, is Warning Track Power. GM Mark Peterson‘s team has a 58 percent chance of winning the league and a 31 percent chance of finishing second. Josh Donaldson, Jason Kipnis, and J.D. Martinez are expected to lead the offense while pitcher Chris Sale is the third-ranked player in the league. Baseball Monster predicted Warning Track Power would finish second with a 109-70-1 head-to-head record so both sites like this team.

Ziguana likes Noah Syndergaard as the ace for Los Coches Bomba and David Robertson as the closer. But it’s Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen and Robinson Cano that have the team ranked second with an outside shot at the championship (26 percent). The Big Three hitters all rank in Ziguana’s Top 25 player rankings. Baseball Monster predicted Los Coches Bomba would finish fourth with a 99-80-1 head-to-head record.

Both sites expect Home Run 101 to win the North Division and play in the postseason. I write this with a caveat, both systems have outfielder A.J. Pollock highly rated and he’s going to miss a significant portion of the season with a serious elbow injury. Ziguana predicts Home Run 101 will finish third while Baseball Monster projects sixth with a 92-87-1 head-to-head record.

The projections for the defending champs is vastly different between the two sites. Ziguana has the Mirrors finishing fourth while Baseball Monster projects 15th with a 73-107-0 head-to-head record. Baseball Monster doesn’t like the team’s starting rotation while Ziguana sees Darren O’Day, Craig Kimbrel, and Arodys Vizcaino as Top 50 players that can save the pitching ratios.

The Bulls are another team with wildly different projections. Ziguana projects the team will finish second in the North Division and qualify for the playoffs while Baseball Monster says they’ll finish 13th with an 81-99-0 head-to-head record. Outfielder Hunter Pence is a polarizing player for the computer systems. Ziguana has Pence rated 35th overall while Baseball Monster has him 109th. Both sites agree Stephen Strasburg and Zack Greinke are the team’s best players.

Ziguana and Baseball Monster agree Buster Hugs will win the East Division and return to the playoffs. Baseball Monster has the team finishing third overall with a 107-73-0 head-to-head record. Starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner is seen as the team’s best player by both systems. Ziguana sees Miguel Sano as a Top 40 player by season’s end.

New GM Chris Frugiuele is expected to guide Stadium Mustard to a playoff berth according to both sites. Ziguana is predicting a seventh place finish while Baseball Monster says fifth with a 97-82-1 head-to-head record. Both sites agree that Edwin Encarnacion and Kyle Seager are the team’s two best players.

GM Meredith James and Land Shark are going to be in a tight race for the league’s final playoff berth according to both sites. Ziguana projects the team will capture the final playoff berth while Baseball Monster expects them to finish ninth with a 92-88-0 head-t0-head record. Both systems agree first baseman Paul Goldschmidt is the team leader. Goldschmidt is the league’s top-rated player by Ziguana.

If Ziguana’s projections are correct, the Lower Haighters will miss the playoffs for the first time in league history. The site is projecting a ninth place finish for the team. The “Special Blend” projections in Baseball Monster expect the Haighters to win the West Division with a 113-67-0 head-t0-head record and win the league championship. The key to the season could come down to Drew Pomeranz and Phil Hughes at the back of the starting rotation.

Baseball Monster expects Bacon at Mile 11 and GM Eric Brown to capture the league’s final playoff berth with a 86-93-1 head-to-head record, finishing second in the North Division. Ziguana forecasts a third-place finish in the North Division and 10th overall. Young players Joc Pederson and Ketel Marte will need to exceed projections for Bacon to be a title contender.

Ziguana projects the JetSetters to finish second in the South Division pennant race but miss the playoffs. Baseball Monster also expects the JetSetters to finish second in the division but squeeze into the playoffs with a 92-88-0 head-to-head record. The team’s series with Bacon at Mile 11 and Land Shark will have major playoff implications.

If the computer systems are accurate, it’s going to be a struggle for High Cheese to make the playoffs in 2016. Ziguana is projecting a 12th place finish while Baseball Monster sees High Cheese finishing third in the South Division with a 84-96-0 head-to-head record and 11th overall. The strength of the team is the bullpen with Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman and Roberto Osuna.

Both computer systems project the Eephus Monkeys to finish last in the East Division and miss the playoffs. Baseball Monster is forecasting a 85-95-0 head-to-head record and a 10th place finish. Ziguana projects a 13th place finish.

Hapamon and new GM Robert Kirkbride will avoid the dreaded Wooden Spoon awarded to the team with the worst record in the league but both computer systems project a last place finish in the North Division. They also agree that Hapamon will finish 14th overall and Baseball Monster is predicting a 80-100-0 head-to-head record.

The two projection systems differ on which team will earn the Wooden Spoon. Ziguana says it will be the Marin Menehunes while Baseball Monster expects Let’s Play 2 to take the dubious honor. Baseball Monster expects Let’s Play 2 to finish with a 72-108-0 head-to-head record while Ziguana believes they’ll finish 15th, just ahead of the Menehunes. Baseball Monster says the Menehunes will finish with a 82-98-0 head-to-head record and 12th overall.


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