The 2014 Draft in Review: Swing-and-a-Miss

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants

Matt Cain was one of 50 keepers in the 2014 draft that failed to return keeper value.

Five of the nine worst drafts in league history came in the 2014 SFRRC Fantasy Baseball Regular Season Draft. It was swing-and-a-miss for the entire league.

Jersey Boys and GM Leigh-Ann Wendling holds the honor of having the worst draft in league history. Her draft class in 2014 ended with a 688.65 average player value. Four of her five keepers failed to return keeper value with Aaron Hill and Justin Verlander doing so in dramatic fashion. Verlander had just 18 quality starts in 32 tries. He finished the season with a 4.54 ERA and saw his K/9 fall to 6.9, the lowest mark since 2006. Predictably, the Jersey Boys finished last in the East Division and 12th overall.

Wendling wasn’t alone. The Eephus Monkey and GM Jordan Mazur saw a pair of pitchers – Matt Cain and Tony Cingrani – flop. Both were keepers. Cingrani ended the season ranked 1,182nd while Cain ranked 1,123rd. Cain strained a hamstring and landed on the DL on May 30. He was then sidelined by an elbow injury and finished with a 2-7 record and 4.18 ERA. Hopes were high for Cingrani entering the season but shoulder tendonitis sent him to the DL on May 1. He started 11 games, pitching 63.1 innings with a 4.55 ERA.

The Monkeys finished with an average player value of 607.03. It was the third worst draft in league history and led to an 11th place finish for the team.

A total of 50 keepers failed to return keeper value in 2014. The Bulls, Menehunes, Lower Haighters, and Monkeys all had four of their five keepers fall into this category. Seven teams (Jersey Boys, Monkeys, Los Coches Bomba, Vicious Fishes, The Cys, JetSetters, and Lower Haighters) had their worst drafts in franchise history in 2014. Only the JetSetters and Lower Haighters were able to recover and qualify for the post-season.

The 2014 draft was the worst in league history but there were some value picks.

Carla Baughman-King and the Cys selected Colorado outfielder Corey Dickerson with the 400th pick and he finished the season as the league’s 61st-ranked player. Dickerson had a career-high 478 plate appearances with 24 homers and 76 RBI. He finished the season with a .931 OPS and scored 74 runs.

Donna Hood and the Marauding Schnoodles selected second baseman Brian Dozier with the 374th pick and he end the season ranked 37th. Dozier had a career-high 707 plate appearances with a .762 OPS, 23 home runs and 71 RBI. He scored 112 runs and finished with 14 net stolen bases.

Finally, the JetSetters added Denard Span with the 378th pick and he finished 43rd. Span had 668 plate appearances, had a career-high 184 hits, and scored 94 runs. He finished with 24 net stolen bases and struck out just 65 times.

Quietly, one team actually had its best draft in franchise history. Home Run 101 and GM Bailey Penzotti drafted Jose Abreu and Jose Altuve and finished with a solid 340.69 average player ranking. The success in the draft resulted in the first post-season appearance for Home Run 101.


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