Head-to-Head Weekly Fantasy Baseball is Unpredictable

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You worked hard on that draft. At least, some of you did. You carefully curated a list, picked for value, and assembled a team that will succeed over a six-month season. Now, watch a second catcher go 9-for-17 with eight RBI and a .937 OPS and sink you in Week 1. Welcome to head-to-head fantasy baseball.

That’s what makes the game so much fun. Upsets happen and they happen frequently. Head-to-head, weekly, fantasy baseball is a game where your fifth starter can get hot and help you pull an upset, or the other team’s guy can do the same.

Daily leagues require too much work. Few people have the time to manage their fantasy baseball roster on a daily basis. In the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League, make your waiver claims Sunday night and add them to your roster (provided another fantasy team doesn’t beat you to the player) Monday morning. Then set your lineup before the first pitch of Monday’s game and let it ride for the week.

This site will be the place for the league’s weekly series previews. We’ll use Baseball Monster’s projections to determine series favorites and underdogs. Those of you have played this game for six years understand that Baseball Monster is about 75 percent accurate – on a good week. As accurate as the site is, it can’t predict a two quality start week from Randall Delgado.

The ups-and-downs of the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League season will be chronicled here. You’ll also find daily updates on our league Facebook and Twitter sites. As you can probably tell, who wins or loses isn’t nearly as important to me as how the story unfolds.


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