Assessing the Keepers with FanGraphs

<a rel=FanGraphs is my favorite baseball site. By far. The site’s baseball analysis is the best in the business. During Spring Training, FanGraphs releases a series of player projections for the upcoming season. These projections are extremely useful for fantasy baseball GMs.

Another great site, BaseballMonster, is free this year and using the two sites together you can build an extremely accurate draft list. BaseballMonster allows you to import csv files containing player projections and then uses Z-Scores to produce player values based on those projections.

The process is extremely simple.

1). Go to the FanGraphs projection site and download the csv files for both hitters and pitchers. Any of the projection systems will work.

2). Go to BaseballMonster and create a free account (believe me, you’ll use it regularly during the season).

3). Go to BaseballMonster’s Custom Projection section and upload the csv files you downloaded from FanGraphs and then go to the Projections section and sort on ALL PLAYERS. You’ll have a great list.

Be sure to import our Yahoo league to Baseball Monster before the season starts and you’ll be able to scout the valuable free agents, scout your weekly opponent, etc. I used the FanGraphs Depth Chart projections to analyze our keepers. Remember, a player with a Z-Score of 0.00 is average. Better players have positive scores. Here’s what the Depth Chart projections think about your Keepers. I included that attachment in a separate email because it was too large to embed in the blog.

Bacon at Mile 11 had the highest combined Z-Score for their five Keepers while Stadium Mustard had the lowest combined Z-Score. While Keepers are important, they are only 20 percent of your roster, so next Monday’s draft will go a long way in determining your team’s success.



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