Divisions, Schedules, Build Fantasy Baseball Rivalries


Hey, look, it’s Rivalry Week!

How teams are divided into divisions and the regular season schedule that follows are important elements to consider when building a team in any fantasy baseball league. Are you going to play every team in the league an even number of times? How many teams are included in each division and how do teams qualify for the playoffs?

The 16 teams in the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League are divided into four, four-team divisions. The four division winners automatically qualify for the playoffs. The four teams with the best overall record that didn’t win a division title are then added to the eight-team playoff pool.

The schedule is built around division rivalries. Within a division, the top two teams from the previous year’s standings play each other four times. The teams that finished third and fourth within the division also play four times. Other division rivals play each other three times so that 10 of the 22 regular season series are played within the division. Teams outside of divisions face each other once.

We’ve made it simple – the clearest path to the postseason is by defeating your division rivals. This format compliments Yahoo’s Rivalry Week scheduling and builds a league narrative. You know before the season starts the teams you have to beat to qualify for the playoffs. You also know how you’ve performed against these teams in the past.

One of the primary goals when we built the SFRRC Fantasy Football League was to emphasize continuous competition. A weekly head-to-head schedule coupled with division rivalries accomplishes this goal.

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