The Creation of the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League

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The San Francisco Road Runners Club Fantasy Baseball League was formed six years ago by a group of friends who shared both the love of baseball and the love of running.

It started with a group of 16 running club members, many who had never played fantasy sports. The league became an incubator for new approaches designed to engage both newcomers and those who had been around the game. It had to be competitive –after all, the league was comprised of 16 distance runners – but at the same time it had to educate. And, of course, it had to be fun.

The league rules were designed to foster competition. During the 22-week regular season, teams face a weekly opponent in a head-to-head series decided by 12 scoring categories (six hitting, six pitching). A team’s overall won-loss record is determined by how many categories it wins or loses over the course of the season. The eight teams with the best records qualify for the postseason.

It was generally agreed that the weekly, head-to-head format, fit our personalities and created a competitive environment for the entire regular season.

In future posts, we’ll detail the scoring system, roster construction, and the importance of divisions and scheduling. Today, fantasy baseball league’s can be constructed in a nearly unlimited number of ways. We’ve made subtle changes to our league over the years and we’ll likely make more in the future. But for now, this system works for the SFRRC Fantasy Baseball League.


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